About Us

RP Collection - Nothing Sus Clothing was established in early 2018 in Sydney, Australia. RP stands for Romina Pinna who is the sole owner of Nothing Sus Clothing. The tagline 'Nothing Sus' was created by Romina's long time friend Mr. Oliver who came up with the name after Romina was wanting to come up with a tagline that can represent her. A tagline that you could say, reminds people of her? So of course, this tag line happened. 

The reason behind the making of this clothing brand was to be something different. You always see your usual Men and Women's Street wear Clothing but we wanted to focus solely on what each item brings out and something that people will remember which comes down to the reason of the tagline.
We also see how hard it can be for Men and Women to find this type of clothing that suits their body shape and is comfortable and that is why our sizes start from XS to a 3XL and in the future hoping to go up to a 4XL!